Customized Service

From smaller offices requiring only occasional cleaning to 7 day a week high rises, we can custom tailor our service to fit any need or budget. Specializing in cleaning medical office space, we know how important it is to meet the needs and requirements of property managers, tenants, and building owners.

We are familiar with specialized cleaning as required by those with compromised immune systems. In facilities requiring terminal cleaning, strict protocols and documentation are used to ensure the safety of patients. The methods vary, but usually include damp wiping all surfaces with a disinfectant solution with a 10 minute dwell time, removing all detachable objects in the room, cleaning lighting and air duct surfaces in the ceiling, and cleaning everything downward to the floor. Items removed from the room are disinfected or sanitized before being returned to the room.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning provides a healthier work environment for our employees and customers. Using our green cleaning program reduces indoor air pollutants and can help your property in obtaining a LEED certification.

Our Green Cleaning program can include all or some of the following: